Manatee Hope Fall Run (Virtual Race)


RUN or WALK YOUR 5K, 10K or Any Distance ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!

60% of every registration funds Manatee Hope
! (see more below)

When you run (or walk) the Manatee Hope Fall Run you're running (or walking) to help provide services to assist individuals, especially children, with case management and with therapies including occupational, speech, and physical needs. Holistic programs and counseling are all included as a part of Manatee Hope's mission to serve the underinsured. So make a real difference in a child's life, get out there earn that beautiful finisher's medal.

MASSIVE 4.5" MEDAL complete with Glitter Epoxy Leaf Reef on a black metal custom plated finish. A truly wonderful medal to add to your collection, clearly stating that you care about children who need your help.

Online Printable Race Bib  CLICK HERE!

Medals Will Start Shipping Middle Of November!

Option 1: Facebook Group
Run or Walk using any tracking app such as Strava, RunKeeper, Runtastic, etc. and then submit your time to our Badass Virtual Run Facebook Group - CLICK HERE

Option 2: Strava Group
 Join our Badass Running Company club on the Strava Run/Walk App by (CLICKING HERE).
2. Using Strava, Run or Walk for 1 mile, 3.1 miles (5K) or 6.2 (10K)
3. Save your Activity as "Manatee Hope Run".
Use #BadassRunnerForCharity anywhere on social media.

The Manatee Hope Fall Run Finishers Will Receive:
* A Spectacular Custom all metal design that's a 4.5" Medal on a 1.5" Custom Ribbon (mailed to your registration address)
* Online printable race bib CLICK HERE

* A warm and fuzzy feeling that you have directly helped underserved children

Website: Manatee Hope
Manatee Hope, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to bridging the gap in Manatee’s health care delivery by providing necessary services to assist individuals in leading a productive life.

”Without Manatee Hope I would not be able to do half of the things I am doing right now.” ”It has saved my family.” – Randy

They offer several holistic programs for adults and children who are underinsured. Programs include: mental health, case management, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and counseling services.