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World's Strongest Race Bib Magnet Holders


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Why are Badass Race Bib Magnets so Badass?

  • Magnets! We hired a Superhero, yes that one that flies and is impervious to the elements of the earth! He was able to dig deep into the earth and come up with the most powerful magnets ever found. No matter how fast you run, no matter how quickly you fly they will stay the course!
  • Aerodynamics! We heard about the fastest one on the planet, yes the one who loves red outfits and loves lightening. He helped design our bib holders for a near zero drag coefficient. Yes, they're sleek and beautiful, just like you!
  • Your Outfit! Imagine, you're out wearing your perfect Super race ensemble and you're going to stick pins in it? Heck to the no, you're way too Badass to allow holes in your cool clothing. And don't sweat it, our fully encapsulated design is like a built in force field, it will never leave a rust stain!
  • Your Safety! Unless you're some kind of Thing Made of Stone than we're sure you've been stuck and bled by a "safety" pin while putting a race bib on. If you're not made of stone you're going to love the ease of using Badass Race Bib Magnets!
  • You're Perfect! Unless you're like that Superhero we hired and have perfect super power vision we know putting a race bib on crooked is all too human. With Badass Race Bib Magnets you simply slide into perfect position where it will hold tight through your entire race. OCD runner problem solved! 

In case you don't have Super Attention Powers:

  • Magnets are Badass Powerful and will hold through  even thick race gear
  • Design is Sleek & Sexy and Beautiful - just like you
  • Won't ever damage your way cool running gear
  • Won't ever draw blood
  • Will never trigger your OCD, slides into perfect position every time