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Badass Virtual Race Program For Organizations


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A program designed as an affordable, creative and easy way for charities, organizations and businesses to offer a global virtual run fundraiser for their cause. Virtual races also have the added benefit of creating additional branding for a business or charitable organization across several new market channels.


  • Master Medal Creators – 75+ race events produced with industry's best medal designs
  • Badass Community – 11,000+ active Facebook Fans and 12,000+ Customer Base and a growing active Facebook Virtual Run Group with over 2,500 racers plus the largest Strava Running Group in Florida with over 3,300 runners.
  • - Highest Traffic Virtual Race Website, in fact, we rank in the top 30,000 for traffic levels for all websites in the entire United States according to Alexa ranking. 
  • Badass Email List – 12,000+ emails of customers who have purchased or attended our events
  • Master Marketers – with tens of thousands spent on Facebook event marketing we have advanced tools to utilize marketing dollars for the strongest ROI
  • Because We Care – every event we touch is strategically designed under a specified workflow complete with more than 100 touch points. We leave nothing to chance, from organizational to customer support, we go the distance!


  • Complete planning and coordination of the Virtual Race Event.
  • Design & manufacturing of the finisher's 4” medal and 1.5” custom ribbon
  • Design of online printable race bib
  • Social media marketing via Facebook & Instagram
  • Creation and management of the registration page on
  • Processing and shipping medals
  • Customer support via phone, text, email and messenger

50% of the gross sales from all virtual race registrations will go to the organization or business who purchased the virtual race program. Program pays out on the last Friday of every month. Price of the virtual race is typically situated at $24.95 but not below. Badass Running Company pays for all packaging and first class package with tracking as well as all processing and credit card fees.

Virtual Runs create additional branding for your organization or charity, you'll reach new audiences and channels that will clearly see your causes and come to understand your mission. However, that's a bonus, the primary target of a virtual run is to create funding. All virtual races when completely sold out are expected to provide more than double the initial program cost. In other words, a $1,995 program, with it's 50% split can PROFIT more than $3000 for the program purchaser. This number doubles and quadruples for the 500 and 1000 registration races. Depending on the additional donations offered by the registrants through the Strong Donation Program (detailed below) this number can be substantially higher.

Most charitable organizations find they can get businesses or personal sponsors to help pay or completely pay for the cost of the program. On most medals you can have two sponsor logos lasered into the back of the medal and up to two printed on the ribbon of the medal. It's not difficult to charge $500 or more for each of these placements as a sponsorship. By doing this, the organization profits over $3000 on a 250 person race and that doesn't count the additional dollars from the Strong Donation Program detailed below. Do a successful 500 person race and the profit numbers can be truly substantial!


  • NEW! Strong Donation Program Included ($200 Value)
  • All Labor Indicated in “We Handle Everything”
  • 250, 500 or 1000 virtual race medals 
  • $250, $500 or $1000 budget custom tailored Facebook advertising
  • Unlimited online custom designed race bibs (Customer prints on their printer)
  • All shipping & packaging costs including first class package with tracking
  • Tracking sent to each registrant upon medal shipment
  • Storage of race medals

The power to solicit additional funding via a programmed field that defaults race registrants to provide additional donation from $1 to $100 at the time of registration. 95% of this donation goes directly to your organization. We typically see the total amount raised significantly increased by this program. This option which includes 8 donation levels from $1 to $100 is provided for all organizations who purchased the program after October 1, 2020.  Example - Click here


Badass Running Company retains all rights to the Medal Design, Advertisements and all Marketing Materials created for use in the event. We provide an initial medal and bib design plus 1 additional modification at the initial cost of this program. Additional design work is calculated at $100 per hour. Medal will have Badass Running Company's Logo and URL on the back and most medals have the ability to have a second Medal Sponsor’s Logo and URL engraved on the back. This is also the case with the ribbon which allows for a logo at the top of the neck. Many organizations find this a great way to get a sponsor for their virtual race.

Once both Badass Running Company and the purchaser of the program agree to the design of the medal and race bib the full program payment is fully binding and may not be refunded under any circumstances. Should no agreement be reached a $250 design charge shall be deducted from any refund.