Steven & Katherine's Badass Virtual Charity Wedding


Registration Type:: Virtual Wedding Guest

While Covid-19 and current guidelines put the kibosh on our larger in-person charity wedding we are now opening our event up nationally for everyone to join in and celebrate virtually! That's right, it's still a charity wedding complete with virtual race medal, a charitable cause and you attending our intimate on the beach ceremony - virtually!

 November 22, 2020
Time: 3 PM EST
Attendance: Virtual (Zoom Meeting) 
Registered guests will receive the meeting ID & password

UPDATE: Medals Will Start Shipping To All Registrants August 19.

An extremely Badass Public Charity Wedding event marrying Badass Running Company's CEO to the COO (ie. Steven Spitz to Katherine Arias). The ceremony will take place on a private deck set in front of the Ocean in Delray Beach, FL. It is our projection that 90% of the guest registration will go to the charity.

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady by the name of Katherine who moved from Cali Colombia to South Florida.
One day she clicked “interested” on a Facebook event from a company by the name of Badass Running Company.
Enter Steven, a handsome little devil (also the CEO of Badass Running Company) who spied the Facebook interest.
Steven messaged Katherine, Katherine answered back and the next thing we know she became the COO to his CEO.
The two shared their love of creating race events for charity and upon a proposal from the CEO to the COO they decided the wedding shall be in September. What else could two Badasses do but turn their wedding into a 100% public charity event complete with a virtual wedding ceremony open to all.


Special Spaces – Boca Raton
Special Spaces is a not for profit, volunteer organization that creates dream bedroom makeovers for children ages 2-19 with cancer. The child’s existing bedroom is transformed into a magical space where he/she can heal, recover, and most importantly, a space to just be a kid and forget—if only for a short while—the challenges of their illness.

Check out that 4" Wedding Bling medal complete with faux metal fur and dress!  It features an authentic bald guy and real Colombian!
 All registrants will have the medal mailed to their address as a symbol and thank you for helping us celebrate our union and helping to create a Special Space Bedroom for a child with a life threatening illness.

Online Printable Race Bib Coming Soon!

Medal is due to arrive towards the third week in August 
and we will have everyone's medal shipped to them by August 30! We will update this when we have a definitive arrival date from the factory. 

Option 1: Facebook Group
Run or Walk using any tracking app such as Strava, RunKeeper, Runtastic, etc. and then submit your time to our Badass Virtual Run Facebook Group - CLICK HERE
Option 2: Strava Group
 Join our Badass Running Company club on the Strava Run/Walk App by (CLICKING HERE).
2. Using Strava, Run or Walk for 3.1 miles (5K)
3. Save your Activity as "Badass Charity Wedding Run".
Use #BadassRunnerForCharity anywhere on social media.

The Badass Charity Wedding Runners Will Receive:
* A Spectacular Custom 4" Medal complete with faux metal fur and dress complete with a 1.5" Custom Ribbon (mailed to your registration address)
* Online printable race bib coming soon

* A warm and fuzzy feeling that you have helped provide a dream bedroom for a child with a life threatening illness

Terms: This Charity Event Does Not Offer Refunds For Any Reason.