Event Insurance

What is Badass Event Insurance?
We've grown and so has the number of Florida events we create and the number of people who register for them. Therefore, we've devised a simple way for you to never worry about registering for one of our events, especially those who register early. With Badass Event Insurance, you're covered, if for any reason you can't make one of the events you've registered for, we'll mail (to your registered address) your finisher medal and bib and if you ordered one, your race shirt or tank. With all this in hand you'll be able to do your run or walk virtually and still make a great social media post that you supported the event's charity.

What Happens If I Don't Purchase Event Insurance?
At any event there are always "no-shows", be Badass, life happens, take the insurance. Our event insurance is optional, but for $5 we think it would be foolish to risk losing it all. If you do not purchase the event insurance when you register and are unable to attend an event you will under no circumstances be entitled to your bib, shirt, medal or anything that might have come with your registration. We will no longer be accepting "pickups" of race items at our Florida offices for those who missed an event. Items will only be mailed under this insurance offer.

How do I Make an Insurance Claim?
Simple, within 5 days of missing an event email us at Info@BadassRunners.com with the event you missed along with a verification of your mailing address and we'll get your event items mailed right out!

Important Disclaimers:

  • This is an offer to do your run / walk virtually and receive event items, not an offer to transfer, sell or gift your registration.
  • All insurance claims must be made within 5 days after any event. No exceptions.
  • Claims must be sent via email.
  • Insurance must be purchased within 24 hours of your event registration.
  • All successful claims will be mailed via USPS first class trackable package.
  • One event insurance is needed per registrant so if you purchase 2 registrations you MUST purchase 2 insurance policies.