2018 Badass Women For Pink Calendar

$20.00 $14.99

100% of the proceeds from this calendar goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the highest rated charities serving the advancement of research in this area.

We are offering a pre-sale price of $14.99 inclusive of first class mail through December 3. Calendars will officially begin shipping December 11.

There is likely not a person who is reading this now that hasn’t been touched by Breast Cancer in some way. We’ve come so far in saving lives, let’s continue that journey…

The Badass Women For Pink Calendar highlights 13 women who were chosen from more than 60 applicants, they all embody the spirit of surviving and even thriving in the face of various experiences ranging from breast cancer to auto-immune disease to emotional and physical abuse. No one escapes having difficult things touch our lives, it’s how you handle them that makes you a badass.

I asked all of the women to do a write up of what is important to them, what would you have the world know. Certainly, I won’t ask you to read 13, but I do ask that you read the words of our cover model as I think her experiences, her triumphs and her determination highlight what these women all embody.

Vanessa Lynn Campos Writes;
I rise. In my 40 years I have battled and survived disordered eating, body dysmorphia, self-loathing-fueled substance abuse, an abusive relationship, numerous injuries, and now, ulcerative colitis. My mission as a personal trainer, mentor and public figure is to empower women to fight their battles and not be held down by them. I believe in the saying, “there is no force greater than a woman determined to rise.” (-Maya Angelou)