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Hurricane Michael First Responders Virtual Charity Challenge

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Complete the First Responders Challenge  (see challenge workout below) ANYTIME & ANYWHERE Until the Limited Edition Charity Medals Sell Out!
Take a hour, take a day, just complete the challenge and record your time!

Spectacular Custom 4"+ Medal (pictured) is a Symbol of Your Successful Completion of the First Responders Challenge and to Helping Those Who Are in Dire Need From the Destruction of Hurricane Michael, the third most powerful hurricane to ever hit the United States. See below for the charity organization this race funds.

Option 1: Facebook Group
Use any timer to record your challenge time and then submit your time to our Badass Virtual Run Facebook Group - CLICK HERE
Option 2: Strava Group
1. Join our Badass Running Company club on the Strava Run/Walk App by (CLICKING HERE).
2. Using Strava, record a manual activity.
3. Save your Activity as "Hurricane Michael First Responders Challenge".
Use #BadassRunnerForCharity anywhere on social media.

The First Responders Virtual Charity Challenge Finishers Will Receive:
* A beautiful full color oversized 4"+ with dangling first responders shield (As Pictured In The Banner) with Custom Ribbon. (mailed to your registration address)
* A warm and fuzzy feeling that you have directly helped so many people who have been devastated by this horrific hurricane with a percentage of the registration (aid to dollar ratio is $50 per registration) going to the designated organization below.

FIRST RESPONDERS WORKOUT CHARITY CHALLENGE is designed to connect you to the rigorous physical activity that first responders endure. Are you up to the challenge?

This challenge is to be completed in this exact order and with these exact repetitions. Don't forget to record your time with your phone or watch stopwatch and have fun. Yes, you're really going to earn that amazing medal on this challenge and make a nice donation in the process!

1 Mile Run/Walk
10 Plank Leg Lifts (10 Times Per Side - 20 Total)  
Click Here For Video Instruction
20 Donkey Kicks (20 Times Per Side - 40 Total)
Click Here For Video Instruction
30 Push-ups
Click Here For Video Instruction
40 Air Squats
Click Here For Video Instruction
50 Mountain Climbers (50 Times Per Side - 100 Total)
Click Here For Video Instruction
60 Triceps Dips
Click Here For Video Instruction
70 Plank Taps (70 Total Taps)
Click Here For Video Instruction
80 Jumping Jacks
Click Here For Video Instruction
90 Reverse Lunges (45 Times Per Side - 90 Total)
Click Here For Video Instruction
100 Glute Bridge Marches (50 Times Per Side - 100 Total)
Click Here For Video Instruction
1 Mile Run/Walk

americares Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Fund

americares is now providing multiple aid to dollar ratio so each registration will translate to a whopping $50 in aid for the survivors of Hurricane Michael. This organization has also already deployed disaster response teams to the panhandle of Florida for distribution of emergency medicine, supplies and humanitarian aid through dozens of local health partners!