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Run For The Pizza Partner


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We thank you for being a partner of Badass Running Company's Run For The Pizza 5K and 10K Charity Run.

Location: localgreens 1841 S Federal Hwy Suite 400, Delray Beach, FL 33483
Approximately 300 - 325

Maximum Number of Partner 10' x 10' spaces: 7
IMPORTANT: We have way more companies wanting to do this event than we have spaces so if you've been invited please register immediately so we can assign you a place on the map. We have this system set to allow for only 8 registrations.)

SETUP: We start at 5:30 AM but please arrive by 6:30 AM at the latest to set up. Please see Steven Spitz or Katherine Arias when you arrive for your setup location.

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: Minimum $400 sweepstakes giveaway and a service to the registrants. Sweepstakes will be announced and given away at the event 1/2 way through the event party. Please have a method to take everyone's contact information that signs up for your sweepstakes. This is your opportunity to walk away with many new potential clients. We will continually announce that partners all have a sweepstakes and to make sure to visit each one and sign up with them.

Maximum Number of Massage 10' x 10' spaces: 1
MASSAGE THERAPISTS: Please register here under the proper option indicating that you have a canopy or are without so we can partner you properly into a space. You will be required to giveaway one session for a massage but that enables you to collect attendee's names and contact information for future business. 

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to seeing you on April 14!